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Tuesday, May 4

Not My God

I'm not sure I understand humanity anymore. I understand now that while God made us in his image, we are doing the same to God. We have created an awful God. Quite honestly I wouldn't worship that God. I was given a free will. So throw me in hell for all eternity. I am not worshipping a God I totally disagree with. This God can go ahead and rapture all his people who are intolerant, bigoted and holier than I. I would be happy if he got them off this planet. I just hope their God doesn't rapture their car keys.

I wasn't created by their God. I am appalled at his creation. I am appalled at the so called Christian God of the right wing. He is mad, jealous, vengeful and conceited. He is not the father of Jesus Christ. I liked that God much better. I wonder if he exists? And if he does, how come he doesn't do away with the bad God?

Fighting for our freedom indeed. Scroll and read the whole page after you watch the video. Some interesting perspectives on war.
Watch this fine display of how our country liberates Iraqi's.
• Adults only: this was an illegal attack

I was terrorized on 9/11 because I smelled it and the ashes covered my home. But is this how God want's us to avenge the attack? Well I hope he's happy cause I'm not. Our soldier's cheering and enjoying their duty makes us no better than those who cheered on 9/11. George Bush can keep his God. I'm going to be an atheist.

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