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Thursday, May 13

Mysterious Stuff about Berg's Beheading

Ya know how everyone is saying that there was something fishy about the beheading of Mr Berg? Already there are a bunch of conspiracy theorists hard at work on the internet.
Interestingly it is noted that there wasn't enough blood in the beheading. It would denote that Mr Berg was already dead when he was decapitated. hmmm. Another thing is confusion with dates as to when he was found. I heard on cable news that Iraqi's said that those guys on the video didn't have Arabic accents. Apparently Arabs can tell what village you're from by your accent. hmmm. Why is the video time not in Arabic? Do Arabs use military time? The Guatanamo Bay type US issue prison suit is very suspicious. I can't make an assessment one way or the other because I don't know all the facts in the first place. There are a whole bunch of conspiracy websites to check out here and here and here it says that al-Zarqawi was killed long ago. And here is a story about Berg being held by the US Military even though they deny it. What is going on? And how did they know that the headless body was Berg's so fast when it was lying on the side of the road?

We'll have to wait and see what other stuff comes out about this. It really did seem suspicious that it happened so fast after the Abu Ghraib story. Then again it could all be absolutely true and it did happen the way the government said it happened.....nah.

Corrente's blog for May 13th has a lot of information about this case and how fishy it is. It is definitely worth a trip to read what information he has gathered. You won't need to wear your tinfoil hat for this stuff.... yet.

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