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Tuesday, May 25

A letter to the Commander in Thief

Dear Mr Bush,

I have read your commencement speech to the students of LSU and was overcome with emotion at some of your comments such as this one:
"Some in this class are graduating with honors, and I congratulate all of you on an achievement that took a lot of discipline. Others may have spent a little less time in the library -- (laughter) -- a little more time keeping the stools warm down at The Chimes. (Laughter and applause.) But you earned your degree, and you, too, can leave today with high hopes. I speak with some authority here -- (laughter) -- I've seen how things can work out pretty well for a C student."

and this one:
"There's no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Everyone has had a little help along the way."

Are you bragging that you coasted through life after doing very little in school or life other than partying? You insulted those students who worked hard to get good grades. How dare you? You became president because of your father's connections and nothing more. In your case you made nothing of yourself. In Bill Clinton's case, he was a self made man. He was a scholar and had no sugar daddy to bail him out all through life like you did.

Mr Bush, are you planning to help these students? Do you think that students who attend a state university have daddies who can set them up in lucrative businesses with rich oil investors and propel them to fame and fortune based on name recognition? The unemployment rate in Louisiana is 5.5% Did you even bother to check before you embarrassed yourself at the commencement? Can you imagine how many students must think you are a total jackass?

The construction and mining jobs are improving at the moment in Louisiana, but students don't go to higher learning institutions for those jobs. Here are some statistics: Professional and business services, 179,500, up from 178,700; educational and health services, 247,000, remained the same as in February; leisure and hospitality, 198,800, down from 200,600; and government, 379,000, down from 379,400. How many of these students do you think will be drafted to fight your wars or how many of these students will end up in the military when they realize the only jobs that they can get will be jobs where they have to wear a hair net to work? This wasn't Harvard or Yale we are talking about.

Your arrogance is astounding. You are unfit for the presidency. Your speech writers are charlatans. Your years of drugs and alcohol abuse betray your diminishing brain cells. You insult those who are deserving of your position in life based on their own merits. You should be ashamed of yourself.

A Disgusted American Patriot,
Ms. BlondeSense

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