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Thursday, May 20

Justice Department Coverup

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm positive there is a conspiracy surrounding 9/11. If you don't think so, then you haven't been paying attention.

Remember right after 9/11/01, the FBI Hired Sibel Edmonds to translate intelligence information? She discovered that we were indeed warned about 9/11 but not in English. Remember when Bush said last month, that if he had known the time, date and place of the terrorist attack on US soil that he would have done something to stop it? Well he should have added, "and in English." Ms Edmonds was fired the next year by the FBI. She appeared on 60 Minutes complaining that the FBI was incompetent. She did testify to the 9/11 Commission that the FBI sure as hell was forewarned. Well we all remember this anyway.

Here's the scoop from the NY Times:
The Justice Department has taken the unusual step of retroactively classifying information it gave to Congress nearly two years ago regarding a former F.B.I. translator who charged that the bureau had missed critical terrorist warnings, officials said Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials say the secrecy surrounding the translator, Sibel Edmonds, is essential to protecting information that could reveal intelligence-gathering operations. But some members of Congress and Congressional aides said they were troubled by the move, which comes as critics have accused the Bush administration of excessive secrecy.
"I have never heard of a retroactive classification two years back,'' said an aide who spoke on condition of anonymity because the subject is classified.

"It would be silly if it didn't have such serious implications,'' the aide said. "People are puzzled and, frankly, worried, because the effect here is to quash Congressional oversight. We don't even know what we can't talk about.''

Senator Grassley said, "This is about as close to a gag order as you can get."

The F.B.I. denied the accusation.

"We're not imposing a gag order,'' the F.B.I. official said. Members of Congress have the information, but have to treat it as classified, the official said. "The problem is that while these pieces of information may look innocuous on their own, you put them all together and it reveals a picture of sensitive intelligence collection, and that's a security problem.''
Yes it reveals that the government knew that we were going to be attacked and it explains why Bush sat in the classroom on 9/11, why NORAD stood down, why Cheney sat in his office watching CNN on the morning of 9/11 and why Rummy sat in his office in the Pentagon doing nothing that day. This was Bush's Reichstag Fire boys and girls. Call your elected officials and demand answers.

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