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Monday, May 24

Hofstra graduation speaker is booed

Crowd of parents, relatives say ceremony was the wrong place for E.L. Doctorow to criticize the president.

Dear President Rabinowitz,

I am writing to commend you for your selection of EL Doctorow for commencement speaker at Hofstra. I just read about it in Newsday. My son attends Hofstra's Honors College class of 2007. At first I was saddened that Mr Doctorow was booed and wondered if Hofstra was the right place for my son but then again, I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I was glad to see that many in attendence at the commencement ceremony gave Mr Doctorow a standing ovation. whew! Unfortunately, at this time in history, Mr Doctorow's sentiments are not merely political opinion, they are fact. We are facing in American history what can only be called a dangerous revisiting of Germany before the war. I never in my life envisioned an America like we have today. I never thought we would be so dangerously close to a fascist dictatorship in this country. People say that we don't have the holocaust so it's isn't like Nazi Germany. I say, Just Wait.

The Department of Justice website, just a click away, indicates plans to return to conscription. The Bush administration, famous for denying truths, will surely be drafting our young people if this administration is elected to power in November. I am surprised that more students are not aware of how close they are to conscription. There will be no college deferments this time. A student may only finish his/her current semester. I suppose if more students were aware of this, the sentiments would be more like they were when I was in college during the Vietnam conscription years.

Again, I applaud you for the courage in bringing a speaker who dared to speak the truth in these times. The truth these days is a hard thing to swallow but I think it's high time that Americans grow up and take responsibility for their country and regain control for their future and the future of their children.


Dear Newsday,

My son is a student at Hoftstra and I am happy to read that Hofstra had the guts to bring in a speaker like EL Doctorow who dared to speak the TRUTH about this administration.

At this time in history, the politics of the Bush administration are carving out a dangerous future for all our children. They will be faced with more wars in the event that this administration is elected in November. They will find it more difficult to find jobs as corporatism takes more of a stranglehold on our society and they face the possibility of taking jobs that require them to wear a hair net to work. They will be paying off the deficit for the rest of their lives. All our futures are uncertain as this administration makes Americans look ugly to the rest of the world. Our borders are wide open and terrorists are still free to come and go as they wish.

Those who booed Mr Doctorow were in denial of the harsh realities facing the graduates of Hofstra. This is no time to paint a rosy picture of the future for our youth. There is no rosy future. Mr Doctorow did not give an opinion, he gave facts. Facts that the students should have been aware of.

I implore Newsday to please interview Ms. Sibel Edmonds in Florida, former FBI interpreter to get the facts about the 9/11 coverup. The people of this country need to be more aware of what happened to us on that day and why. The future of our democracy depends on it. Newsday has a responsibility to its readers and to democracy.


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