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Wednesday, May 12

Food For Thought

Rush keeps saying that the abuses at Abu Ghraib are 'no different than the initiation rites at at Skull and Bones'. hmmm.

Those abuses were rather homo-erotic. Is that what went on at Skull and Bones? Hmmm.
Is not Skull and Bones Mr. Bush's elite club?

Rush's audience who are pro-Bush people don't see a problem with this? Aren't the pro-Bush people rabid anti-Clinton people? Clinton had heterosexual relations. And that's bad but homo-erotic relations are ok? My brain is exploding.

It's no secret that Republicans are obsessed with sex and genitalia as I recall from 8 years of the Clinton presidency. It's no secret that Republicans are obsessed with stopping homosexuals from having equal rights with heterosexual people and even going so far as promoting a constitutional amendment to prohibit their rights.

So then why are some Republicans dismissing these homoerotic actions at Abu Ghraib as frat pranks and Skull and Bones pranks?

I'm not going to say that these Bushites are the most hypocritical, sexually repressed, homophobic, pieces of ignorant shit in the whole world, but I am thinking it.

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