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Wednesday, May 12

Faux Journalism May Cause Brain Death in Average Americans

In my menopausal ranting way I discussed the fact that American's don't know what is going on in the world here on April 27 because the mass media reports lies and falsehoods and simply leaves stuff out. I referred to the PIPA Poll to show how grossly uninformed American's are. This has a great deal to say why American's are so very brain dead. I hold Fox News very responsible for the dissemination of faux journalism and think they should be sued for claiming that their news is fair and balanced.

Today, David Neiwert at Orcinus, one of my favorite bloggers has a very good post about this very subject. LA Times Editor John S Carrol delivered a lecture titled titled "The Wolf in Reporter's Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo-Journalism in America." He said, "All over the country there are offices that look like newsrooms and there are people in those offices that look for all the world just like journalists, but they are not practicing journalism," he said. "They regard the audience with a cold cynicism. They are practicing something I call a pseudo-journalism, and they view their audience as something to be manipulated."

It goes on to say that Americans are simply misinformed especially about the war in Iraq and WMDs as a direct result of a mass media beholdent to corporate interests and the Bush Administration rather than accurate reporting of facts.

It's no stretch for me to say that I feel that cable news and most mass media is in bed with corporations. Real journalists feel that way too. Good. But this is still reminding me of Germany before the war. (yeah I read a lot of books.)

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