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Monday, May 31

Evil Catholics Defy the Sanctity of the Church

It's my job and Jesus' General's job to point out hypocrisy in religion. He does a great job of it today. Evil Catholics who don't think it's a sin to receive Holy Communion and support gay rights defiantly did so yesterday and Jesus' General applauds the Catholic Church on their efforts to block the doors to the Church. You must check it out immediately and then come back here of course.

Today's getting to know your blonde friend feature: I don't know why it's my job to point out religious hypocrisy when my life is so darn eccentric eclectic. I had a calling back in the late 1980's to do so. Seriously. It was an honest to god religious calling that forced me into a seminary for several years at night school achieving a masters degree in theology of all things. Don't get me wrong. I am no saint. I'm a guitar playing, song writing, beer swigging, butt smoking, 40 something, raspy voiced blues, rock and jazz singer who gigs in bars regularly. More on me another time.

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