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Saturday, May 15

Doomocracy is Here

There's a new kid in town, BillyDoom, over at Doomocracy. He used to live in a dictatorship before he came to the US 25 years ago. He gives his analysis of what is happening to our democracy. He loves this country and is worried about it as I am. Take it from someone who's been there.
"Under fascism the big business virtually owns the government. How is that possible? By forming a capitalist oligarchy - an alliance of big business that takes over a political party; financing, buying, coercing elections; controlling  the media, the economic assets of the society, it's representation in government and privatizing all agencies of the government. For the capitalists within the alliance, privatization of government agencies is a great source of revenue without competition or bidding process. It's like "wolves guarding the sheep"... " Read the whole article.

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