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Thursday, May 20

Commission Kisses Guiliani's Ass: New Yorkers Still In The Dark

Rudy's a legend all right. While NYers were getting ready to vote in the NY Mayoral Primaries on Sunny September 11th, 2001, and happy that Guiliani would be gone come January, 2002, planes crashed into the WTC towers.

Mr Guiliani was heckled by relatives of victims who died on 9/11 in NYC yesterday. The so called "commission" kissed his ass while family members called out what questions they wanted answered, particularly about the non working radios that would have kept the emergency personel in contact with their command center. People felt the whole commission thing was a waste. Which it is. It's a big coverup. We'll never find out why Bush, Cheney and Rummy sat down while we were under attack. We'll never find out why no fighter planes intercepted the hijacked planes.

From the The NY Times regarding Guiliani's testimony yesterday in NY:
Elsewhere, some of the family members lingered and spoke of how they had not heard the questions and answers they had come to hear. Some had lost faith in the commission, saying it seemed to be committed to a sanitized history of that day.

"We fought like crazy to get this commission established," said Lorie Van Auken, whose husband, Kenneth, died in the north tower. "We want the truth. If we're not being told the truth, if we are only being told one side of the story, the commission is not doing its job properly."

Betsy Parks, who lost her brother, Robert Emmett Parks Jr., on Sept. 11, had yelled out in the room for a family member and a first responder to be on the panel. Now she said, "I wanted to hear why everybody above the fire in both buildings was simply forgotten about." She said, "I was disappointed by Giuliani's testimony. I was bored by it."

One young woman shook her head and smiled: "He's a legend. No one takes on a legend."

Rain continued to fall from the sky. Rudolph Giuliani was long gone.

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