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Saturday, May 8

Clinton's Fault

Clinton's reign of terror just never seems to end. First his staff took all the "w"'s off the WH keyboards, he left so much surplus in the budget that Bush had give it back to us, he somehow left us in a recession and was the reason for 9/11. It was Clinton's fault that the Bush Administration had no idea about terrorists or Al Qaeda, and his fault that more people in the FBI didn't know Turkish or Arabic. It's Clinton's fault that he didn't bomb the shit out of Afghanistan and it's his fault that he didn't take out Baghdad even though he once bombed Iraq. He should have finished the job but he was too busy having oral sex in the oval office.

It's Clinton's fault that there wasn't enough body armor for his troops. It's Clinton's fault for making Americans feel somewhat secure in the booming economy during his administration. Now we have to pay the price of all his mistakes. The most devastating mistake, of course is the stain on the blue dress.

Because of Clinton's BJ, our country's morality just plummeted to new depths never before realized in the history of America. We were forced to watch on our media, months and months and months of investigative reporting concerning his disgusting tryst with a young intern. Luckily Ken Starr managed to get every gory detail of his immorality documented and broadcast the details coast to coast and around the world. I don't know about you, but I could never smoke a cigar again.

The result of the Starr Report was that millions of Americans learned about the degradation of oral sex. Our children were asking their parents about it all the time. Mommy what is oral sex? Tell me about it. I need to know why everyone is talking about it. Once our innocent children found out about Clinton's behavior, the country went straight to hell. Morality was out the window. Our president was immoral and our country was disgraced in front of the whole world. Not one single country on the face of the earth had respect for us after Clinton's 8 years.

The saddest result of Clinton's sexual deviancy is now seen in the pictures from Abu Ghraib jail. We see US soldiers coaxing their prisoners into performing exactly what happened in the White House only a few years ago - sodomy. How else would our innocent youth learn about such things unless they too learned about this from Clinton himself through the Starr Report. Clinton was clearly to blame for this indecency we face today as a nation. The whole country is wearing the blue dress and now thousands of people across the world are dead.

I hope you will all join me in prayer today. May God damn Clinton to hell. Amen.

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