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Monday, May 10

Bush Wants People To Underestimate Him

He Wants People To Underestimate

From today's Washington Times:
President Bush is resolved not to repeat what he thinks were the two fundamental blunders of his father's one-term presidency: abandoning Iraq and failing to vanquish the Democrats.

...Mr. Bush said his father had "cut and run early" from Iraq in 1991.

...    "Freedom will prevail, so long as the United States and allies don't give the people of Iraq mixed signals, so long as we don't cower in the face of suiciders, or do what many Iraqis still suspect might happen, and that is cut and run early, like what happened in '91," Mr. Bush said.

... Mr. Bush also said Mr. Kerry thinks "that the federal government will solve the medical issues facing small businesses and large businesses and the unemployed."

    "I don't," he said. "I think that the federal government needs to pass policies that will enable private-sector solutions to emerge, such as medical-liability reform, associated health care plans, expansion of health-savings accounts."

...Mr. Bush acknowledges that he encourages such misjudgments by detractors.
    "People tend to discount my ability to get things done, and that's exactly what I want," the president said in an interview. "I want people to underestimate.
I've said it here that this man has severe oedipus issues. This is also the man who said, "They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program."
"But this president came from West Texas," Mr. Card said of the younger Bush, contrasting the two resumes. "And West Texas was his home for a lot longer than it was for the former president.
And I should be impressed why? What exactly does West Texas have to do with the rest of the world? I'm having a heart attack here, you know.
"He was the governor of Texas. He wasn't the first envoy to China or the U.N. ambassador or the CIA director. His training was dealing with problems on the streets of Laredo or Dallas or Houston or Midland or Austin. This president came with a kind of street smarts and recognition of the importance of the resolve of America."
The 'resolve of America' is reflected in the streets of Laredo? Somebody pour me a drink.

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