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Wednesday, May 19

America, We Are Fucked.

Hope my language isn't too offensive. I am trying to utilize my right to free speech as much as I can before it goes away. -The Mgmt.

I still have an AOL account and I should be shot. I still get email there so I log in occasionally and look at the news. It usually has a link to a chat room or a message board so I go to see what people are thinking. DON'T GO THERE. It's hatred central.

Lynndie England is a hero to them. There are tons of comments like this: "She deserves a medal for a job well done. I hope she shoved a cattle prod up their terrorist asses." "Lynddie is an American Hero"

There are very few reasonable people commenting on the message boards. They are branded as liberal commies who only want to have sex and drugs. They have convinced themselves that anyone who is anti-war is a liberal who hates freedom. It made me ill. Here are some quotes that I copied off the message boards. Read while I vomit:

"My local News Paper reported that the Iraqi people want those guards executed for the abuse in the Iraqi Prisons. Well Folks, if that be the case, than we must execute every towel-headed detainee for the crimes that they have committed. Their crimes are far more serious than taking photos of naked prisoners."

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