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Tuesday, April 27

TV News Lies: America's Decent into Hell

The latest polls show that most Americans are brainwashed or braindead or simply watch FOX NEWS, the most irresponsible excuse for news that was ever aired on television. Yes, there is the first amendment which grants free speech, but this network spews lies and keeps simple minded American misinformed on a daily basis. Fox News laughs all the way to the bank knowing that most Americans are too caught up with daily life to actually READ and they simply turn on the television for a quick dose of lies.

The president continues to lie saying that Iraq refused to let UN inspectors into Iraq. The president insults my intelligence because I certainly remember him calling the inspectors out of Iraq so he could risk the lives of our children to invade that country. The president continues to equate Iraq with the war on terror which is a lie and he continues to lead Americans to believe that Iraq was a threat to the US which is also a lie. He cares not how he will be remembered in history because he says, "We will all be dead." He has no regard for family values. Family values includes making the world a better place for future generations.
"US public perceptions about former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's alleged ties to Al Qaeda and stocks of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) continues to lag far behind the testimony of experts , boosting chances that President George W. Bush will be re-elected, according to a survey and analysis released on Thursday.

"Despite statements by such officials as the Bush administration's former chief weapons inspector, David Kay; its former anti-terrorism chief, Richard Clarke; former chief United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix, as well as admissions by senior administration officials themselves, a majority of the public still believes Iraq was closely tied to the al-Qaeda terrorist group and had WMD stocks or programmes before US troops invaded the country 13 months ago.

"... Among the 57 per cent of respondents who said they believed Iraq was either "directly involved" in carrying out the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon or had provided "substantial support" to Al Qaeda, 57 per cent said they intended to vote for Bush and 39 per cent said they would choose his Democratic foe, John Kerry.

"...Among the 40 per cent of respondents, who said they believed there was no connection at all between Saddam and Al Qaeda or that ties consisted only of minor contacts or visits, on the other hand, only 28 per cent said they intended to vote for Bush, while 68 per cent said their ballots would go to Kerry.

"...The latest PIPA study is remarkable because it shows that public perceptions about Iraq, or at least about the threat it posed before the US invasion, are lagging far behind what acknowledged experts have themselves concluded and whose findings have been reported in the mass media.

"Virtually all independent experts and even senior administration officials have concluded since the war that ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda before the war were virtually non- existent, and even Bush himself has explicitly dismissed the notion that Baghdad had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.

"Yet the March poll found that 20 per cent of respondents believe that Iraq was directly involved in the attacks - the same percentage as on the eve of the war, in February 2003.

"Similarly, the percentages of those who believe Iraq provided "substantial support" to Al Qaeda (37 per cent) and those who believe contacts were minimal (29 per cent) are also virtually unchanged from 13 months before. As of March 2004, 11 per cent said there was "no connection at all", up four per cent from February 2003.

"Some - but surprisingly little - change was found in answers to whether Washington had found concrete evidence since the war that substantiated a Saddam-Al Qaeda link. Thus, in June 2003, 52 per cent of respondents said evidence had been found, while only 45 per cent said so last month.

"As to WMD, about which there has been significantly more media coverage, 60 per cent of respondents said Iraq either had actual WMD (38 per cent) or had a major programme for developing them (22 per cent).

"In contrast, 39 per cent said Baghdad had limited WMD-related activities that fell short of an active programme - what Kay as the CIA's main weapons inspector concluded in February - or no activities at all.

"Moreover, the message conveyed by Kay and other experts appears not to be getting through to the public, adds the survey, which found a whopping 82 per cent of respondents saying either, "experts mostly agree Iraq was providing substantial support to Al Qaeda" (47 per cent) or, "experts are evenly divided on the question" (35 per cent).

"Only 15 per cent said it was their impression that "experts mostly agree (that) Iraq was not providing substantial support to Al Qaeda". There was similar confusion with respect to the WMD question: despite all the publicity given Kay's, Blix's, and the findings of other independent experts that Iraq did not have WMD before the war, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they believed that most experts said it did have them (30 per cent) or that experts were evenly divided on the issue (35 per cent).

"The poll found a high correlation between beliefs about pre-war Iraq with support for going to war with Iraq and for the intentions to vote for Bush in November. Among those who perceived experts as saying Iraq had WMD, 72 per cent said they would vote for Bush, and 23 per cent said they would vote for Kerry, while among those who perceived the experts as concluding that Iraq did not have WMD, 23 per cent said they would vote for Bush and 74 per cent for Kerry.

"The opinion of experts was found to be very important in predicting support for Bush or Kerry, as well as support for the war itself, according to Kull. While 38 per cent of a discrete sample within the survey said they believed that Iraq had WMD before the war, the percentage dropped to 21 per cent after they were informed later in the questionnaire that Kay had concluded that Baghdad was engaged only in minor activities for developing WMD.

"Confusion over what the experts are saying, according to Kull, could be due to a number of factors, including the repetition by Bush (most recently in his press conference last week) and other senior officials, such as Vice President Dick Cheney, that Iraq had once used WMD, and the fact that in the electronic mass media, in particular, Iraq is still discussed in the context of the "war on terror".

"In another misperception, 59 per cent of the public believed that world public opinion either favoured Washington going to war (21 per cent) or believed that global views were "evenly balanced" (38 per cent). Only 41 per cent appeared aware that a majority of world public opinion opposed the US-led war.

"Those who were aware or made aware that world opinion opposed the war were more likely to think the decision to attack Iraq was wrong and less likely to support Bush. Those who believed, on the other hand, that world opinion supported the war were substantially more likely to support Bush and think that going to war was correct." -Dawn/The Inter Press News Service.
Television news should be brought to task for their BIASED news and faulty reporting. This includes CNN as well. Yesterday, it was finally reported on CNN that our troops were inadequately armored in Iraq. What have I been screaming about on this blog for months? What has Buzzflash been screaming about for a year? The CCN "journalists" and I use the term loosely were surprised to hear about this. This is appalling. I doubt if Fox News even reported it. And by the way, Fox News did not report the March for Women's Rights in Washington this past weekend. Women don't even count on Fox News. If anyone who reads this watches Fox News, I pity you for your ignorance. If Bush is elected this November, you will get what you deserve.... A lifetime of unjust wars.

Read the Pipa Poll

- The Editor.

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