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Wednesday, April 14

The Times They Are A Changin'

Last Night After Dubya's errr speech.. I went to my favorite watering hole which is right across the street from Rep. Peter King's (R-Massapequa) headquarters... strictly a Republican neighborhood... so it's good for drinking. (I do have give Peter a kudo for voting against impeaching Clinton) Anyway, there are a few of us Dems that hang there and last night for the first time, the drunken Democrats got away with murder! Seriously. The Republicans were almost embarrassed to be Republicans and couldn't come up with anything to defend Bush. The best they could do was to bash Clinton, which as far as we are concerned doesn't count.

Tonight I will be heading back there for the Open Mic Night where I will continue on my Freedom, Justice and Peace tour and play some of my favorite peace songs both past and present. Since I'm so adorable I usually can get away with it in there. heh.

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