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Monday, April 5

Shrub says "Fuck You" to New York

He sat in a classroom in Florida while we were under attack on 9/11/01. NORAD stood down. He showed up for a photo op days later at Ground Zero. Now the NYFD won't even pose for a picture with him if their lives depended on it. He wouldn't let EPA divulge to New Yorkers that the air quality after 9/11 was dangerous. He hand picked the 9/11Commission even though he didn't even want one. He spent less on the 9/11 commission than the right wing spent on investigating Clinton's blow job. He exploited 9/11 in his campaign ads. He smears anyone who tells the truth. The RNC is coming to NY in late August-late enough so perhaps he can give his acceptance speech at Ground Zero on 9/11/04. He really really hates NY and we suspect that he knew very well what was going to happen on 9/11 and he let it happen. It was his Pearl Harbor.

In today's Newsday we read:
"In the first round of homeland security funding, in 2003, New York - twice targeted by terrorists, in 1993 and 2001 - received 25 percent of the total of $500 million, which was divided among seven cities. In the 2003 supplemental budget, New York's share had shrunk to 18 percent, and the money was split among 30 cities.

"By last November, the city's share had dwindled to less than 7 percent, and the money was divided among 50 localities. Homeland security money has become another run-of-the-mill pork-barrel patronage operation, like highways.

"In February Bush proposed an increase to $1.4 billion in homeland security funding for so-called high-risk cities. But 50 cities are still designated as high risk, so New York's share is only $94 million - a fraction of what is needed.

"On a per-capita basis, New York State ranks 49th among the states in antiterrorist funding, far below rural, sparsely populated Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. By one account, New York is also 49th in per capita funding among cities: $5.87 per person. Compare that with $35.80 for Pittsburgh. But then, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge was governor of Pennsylvania. Or look at Florida, where Jeb Bush is governor. Miami gets $52.82 per person. Orlando gets $47.14. "
NYC is always on code orange. There are going to be a lot of protests in NYC in August. Bush will not win NY. I don't know the RNC is bothering to come here. Fuck them right back.

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