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Monday, April 26


I was scooped by Paul Vitello of my local paper, Newsday. He said it just the way I saw it though. Bright man, that Vitello.
"Does Bush support the revival of the draft?

"That is just not something that's under consideration at this time," Scott McClellan told the White House press corps on Thursday.

Does Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld support it?

A draft "is not useful to do at the present time," Rumsfeld told a meeting of newspaper editors earlier in the week.

...They ooze retractability. That the president does not have the revival of the draft under consideration "at this time" is about as reassuring as watching old tape of him saying he had "no war plans on my desk."

...his is a government that seeks every power to open our mail and watch what we do. It plans its wars in secret. It covers its tracks whenever possible - including the sight of the bar-coded coffins from its war of choice in Iraq.

At this time, it is not interested in drafting your children. At this time, the President has no such plans on his desk."

I was also scooped by Breslin in Newsday. My article in the LI Catholic comes out next week though. Breslin is talking to God:
" "So when we pray to bless us against them in a war, and they pray to you to bless them against us in a war, who wins? Who do you listen to?"

"Women praying for their children."
Newsday is off my shitlist.

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