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Saturday, April 17

Really cool online bag store

Today I read over at Orcinus about a very controversial company, Tom Bihn, that makes backpacks, briefcases and messenger bags because their label says:
"Nous sommes desoles que notre president soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas vote pour lui."
Which translates into:
"We are sorry our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him."

It's causing a stir among Republicans. But the company assures us that one of the employees put that in there and the label referred to president of Tom Bihn who happens to be Tom Bihn. Sounds kosher to me.

I went over to check out Tom Bihn's website and I just fell in love with this eggplant cafe bag

So I bought it.

UPDATE 4/19: I got a call from Tom Bihn Company and the Cafe Bags are selling like hotcakes since the Freepers dissed their company and called for a boycott. They ran out of eggplant Cafe Bags. I had to get a periwinkle Cafe Bag instead. God Bless America.

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