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Thursday, April 29

The Preznit is Glad He Did It

Our Commander in Chief enjoyed Dick Cheney's hand up his ass this afternoon at the 9/11 Commission hearing.

"I'm glad I did it," Bush told reporters in the Rose Garden. "I'm glad I took the time. ... I enjoyed it."

Most homophobes enjoy a good butt f---. American citizens were overjoyed that their very devout Christian leader refused to take an oath with his hand on the Bible before he testified.

"I answered every question they asked," Bush said.

Citizens were thrilled to hear that Mr. Bush answered the questions even though these leaders of the most powerful nation in the world refused to reveal what questions were asked or how they were answered.

"The president was asked the vast majority of the questions and he answered them," Thompson said. "There was no questions the president or vice president did not answer."

Someone give them a lollypop for being such good boys.

"Laughter erupted in the Oval Office from time to time, Thompson told the AP."

American citizens are elated that the Commission Mr. Bush was vehemently opposed to was an easy going interview and that the guys had some laughs. This was very consoling to the families of those who were killed on 9/11. The families were also happy to have been a part of history because this interview was less agressive and less intrusive than the Starr inquisition of President Clinton's sex life. Of course, Christian Americans understand that sexual morality is of greater importance than a failure to stop terrorists from attacking America.

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