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Tuesday, April 27

My Blonde Sense

Remember when the term "dysfunctional family" made the mainstream vocabulary? Originally it was used for dysfunctional families. Then everyone wanted to be from a dysfunctional family even if your worse memory was that you were sent to bed without dinner once or twice. Now the word "dysfunctional" has lost it's impact. We're all dysfunctional.

My prediction: the words "Terrorist" and "Terrorism" are soon to lose their impact. It seems just about anything you can think of is a war on terrorism these days. Anything post 9/11 that Bush is trying to shove down our throats is a war on terrorism. Iraq is supposedly a war on terrorism even though it's not.

As for terrorists, the insurgents in Iraq are "terrorists", not resistors. Women who marched in Washington last weekend are "terrrorists" according to Karen Hughes. Janet Jackson is a terrorist. Anyone who disagrees with this current administration or does not belong to the Coalition of the Willing is a terrorist. Pretty soon we will all be considered terrorists or we will be calling each other terrorists in jest like we called our families dysfunctional. Hell, we'll be calling our childhoods: dysfunctional terrorist training camps.


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