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Monday, April 12

More on Rice's Testimony

I missed Hardball with Chris Matthews after Condi's testamony last week but I heard about it and I just got hold of the transcript. These 9/11 wives are on the ball. This is the stuff that I want to know also. I am so sick of arguing with people who tell me that the purpose of the 9/11 commission to "Show where the intelligence failures are"... well these sorts of questions would show us exactly where the intelligence failures are!

There is some serious whitewashing going on.

LORIE VAN AUKEN, WIDOW OF 9/11 ATTACK: We also know that people stopped flying domestically. Ashcroft stopped flying. Pentagon officials stop flying the day before September 11. They were warned not fly on September 11. We think San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was told not to fly. That’s all domestic. You know, everybody keeps telling us how they were focused outward.

Willie Brown should have been dragged in front of the commission first thing for god's sake. Who told him not to fly on 9/11? Why not find out who knew and work backward? CBS News reported on July 26th, 2001 that Ashcroft went fishing using leased aircraft rather than commercial planes because of FBI threat assessments. On July 1, 2001, Sens Dianne Feinstein and Richard Shelby of the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer and warned of potential attacks by Osama bin Laden. Feinstein: " One of the things that has begun to concern me [is] whether we really have our house in order. Intelligence staff have told me that there is a major probability of a terrorist incident within the next three months ." (CNN interactive) And also from CNN in July 2001 we find out the Dubya didn't stay with other leaders because there was a terrorist threat by Al Qaida. Google searches tell us that there was a threat that Al Qaida was planning to use airplanes as missiles in Genoa. While that was not a domestic plot, it certainly proves that using airplanes as missiles should not have come as a shock to anyone in the Bush administration.
PATTY CASAZZA, WIDOW OF 9/11 ATTACK: And it’s also disingenuous for the national security advisor to say she couldn’t have imagined planes being used as weapons.

In July, the president, Condoleezza Rice, Ari Fleischer, Karen Hughes, and Karl Rove attended the general summit in Italy. The national security advisor of that nation was aware of an assassination attempt to be committed upon our president and the leaders attending that G8 Summit in July.

How do you forget, two months later, the threat of your life, the president’s life, and not think that that threat could actually follow you home to the United States?


VAN AUKEN: Well, my first reaction is there’s another part to Condoleezza Rice’s statements, which was that they were focused on traditional hijackings. And they did nothing to thwart a traditional hijacking on that day either.

So when a plane misses its mark in the sky – you have a very crowded Northeast corridor – you can’t have errant planes running around there. Nobody sent up a fighter jet to go see what was happening, not to shoot the plane down, but to intercept it. So I don’t understand, if they were focused on traditional hijackings and even had that as a warning inside the PDB, why they were so slow to respond.

Well duh. Even if we pretend that the FAA didn't figure out that these hijackings were terrorist attacks, how come nothing was done? This 9/11 Commission still seems so suspiciously bogus to me.
KLEINBERG: Right. And the other thing that strikes me is that they’re talking about the FBI and the CIA not speaking to each other. Historically, that has been the case. What I don’t understand is that, considering that we knew that there was this threat, OK, why they didn’t have them in a meeting?

That's what I was thinking also. Isn't it someone's job to mediate between the 2 organizations? Wouldn't it be the National Security Advisor's job? If not, whose job is it? And why, praytell are the conservatives protecting this woman, Condi?

I am still waiting for someone to find out why exactly was the President not whisked out the elementary school on the morning of 9/11 once it was known that the country was under attack. I am still waiting to find out why Airforce One took off without Airforce accompaniment. hmmmm. Did they know something we didn't know? I shudder to think.