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Sunday, April 25

More Newspeak: Wrong is Right

What I always found amazingly ironic is that the Christian right is so darn wrong!

They cry that liberals are so un-Christian when in fact, liberals probably act more Christlike, even if they aren't trying to be, than the Christian right! The right wingers are sooooo opposed to paying taxes to help our least bretheren, they are so quick to judge others and they are just so damn self righteous that this stuff goes against everything Jesus taught! They go to extremes to elect officials who will keep their financial concerns in mind so that they can keep their riches in tact when in fact, riches are exactly what Jesus tells us not to have if we want to enter his kingdom!

What's wrong with this picture?

Did Mr Bush miss that part when he converted from being a drunk to following our Lord? Did he miss the part where Jesus says in his Sermon on the Mount that he fulfilled the Old Testament and gives his followers a new way to live? The way of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and JUSTICE?

I would bet you that most Democrats are just as opposed to abortion as Republicans are. I most certainly am NOT pro-abortion. I am pro-life.. but the religious right has twisted and turned and inflicted the minds of Americans with the idea that if you're of the belief that an abortion is between a woman and her doctor and not the GOVERNMENT, then you are automatically a murderer and pro-abortion. This simply has got to stop.

What has to change is society- and on it's own time. Legislating whether or not a woman is entitled to have an abortion is divisive and unfeasible in our secular society. The religious right keeps forgetting that. This is a secular country, like it or not. The Statue of Liberty doesn't say, Give me your tired, your poor etc as long as they are God fearing, Bible thumping Christians, thank you very much. It's also long been proven that shoving any belief system down anyone's throat will only breed contempt in the long run. Education is key to changing societal values.

I'd like to direct you now to a fellow blogger's website, Public Domain Progress, where Michael has set up lots of links to articles and information about Mr Bush Almighty. Please go there because this is important reading. It covers legislation that is being considered.

It is also interesting to read that the Michigan Catholic League is backing heinous legislation that allows healthcare workers to refuse patients based on their personal beliefs and values. Isn't there a hippocratic oath or something? Maybe it's a hypocritical oath now. Just check this out at Jesus' General while I vomit.

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