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Saturday, April 3

Looking Back at the Week.

It's Saturday already and here are the lead stories:

Yawing Boy on Letterman Saga Continues
CNN apologized for claiming that the White House was enraged by Letterman's hilarious "George W Bush Invigorating America's Youth" Watch it!

White House Spins The Boy Who Yawned
Letterman's not so sure.

"This whole thing just smells. Doesn't it smell a little bit?" Letterman asked his audience last night.

"I mean, it just seems all just a little too tidy, just a little too neat. And now, the guy, the kid in Florida -- and his old man -- was really upset in the beginning. . . . Well, now everybody down there loves it. Everybody couldn't be happier; everybody thought it was hilarious. So you see, it's just a little too tidy. Stuff like this never ends happily, certainly not happily for me. I was waiting for the lawsuit, I was waiting to be arrested, I was waiting to be beaten to a pulp, and now, oh . . . we couldn't be happier."

The whole thing stinks. It's hard to follow but read about it.

The 17 Year Cicadas are Coming Back
I had to laugh. I was over on AOL and they were sharing recipes for Cicadas.
My cats love cicadas and bring them home to me every summer. They are like toys for cats. They make noise and flap their wings.. much more enticing than field mice. Get facts on cicadas at National Geographic. If you're on AOL, type in keyword: cicada and you will arrive at Cicada Central! LOL

Bush Trying to Fuck up Social Security
I was reading Newsday over breakfast today and this story was buried in the Senior Citizen section. This should be in the headlines. This is absurd. Impeach Bush.
In February, commenting on new Medicare legislation and his proposals to help the uninsured buy insurance, Bush said, "We will help more people to own their own health plans." And in his January State of the Union speech: "Younger workers should have the opportunity to build a nest egg by saving part of their Social Security taxes in a personal retirement account. We should make the Social Security system a source of ownership for the American people."

If the president wins a second term, he can be expected to move aggressively to turn part of Social Security into millions of 401(k)s with their billions of dollars invested in Wall Street. Earlier proposals called for diverting one-sixth of the 12.4 percent in Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts. This time, Bush and advocates of privatization will propose increasing to 50 percent the chunk of Social Security taxes to be shifted to private accounts.

Read about all the deception and lies. It just pisses me off.

Long Island Music Hall of Fame
I was supposed to get involved with this project but didn't. Anyway check out the inductees.

From the "this is important but will get buried files"
"Now it appears not to be the case that it was that solid," Powell said yesterday. "But at the time I was preparing that presentation it was presented to me as being solid."

Powell Expresses Doubts About Basis for Iraqi Weapons Claim

He finally admits that his claims about WMDs were based on faulty evidence. Know what really gets my goat? I am just a regular person and I didn't buy this WMD from the beginning. I am smarter than these A**holes. I should be Preznit.

US Death Toll in Iraq reached 600
Well over half the combat deaths -- 293 -- have been inflicted since May 1 when US President George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations. 50 were killed in March.

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