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Thursday, April 8

LIES LIES LIES at 9/11 Commission Today

Condo-LIE-zza said "There was "nothing about the threat of attack in the U.S." in the Presidential Daily Briefing the President received on August 6th."

Then later she said "the title [of the PDB] was, 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.'"

I have steam coming out of my ears today. It was surreal watching Condi lie today. Lying in her crooked teeth.

What does she think? That just because Dubya doesn't read than nobody else does either? She really thinks she can get away with perjuring herself?

She ranted on and on about junk without answering questions straight on. Her voice quivered when she was asked questions by Democrats and smiled as she answered the easy questions by the Republicans. It was a sick sick morning on TV.

If she isn't charged with perjury my head is going to explode.

Center for American Progress Fact Check. Read this.
Condi's Testamony

Bush is on Easter Vacation in Crawford and 5 Troops died in Iraq today.

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