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Saturday, April 10

I'm Too Pissed for Easter

I'm not a Kerry supporter. Not yet anyway. I liked Dean and Kucinich in the primaries. Now I'm ABB. Anyone but Bush. I have no connections to the Democratic party. I am a registered Republican. I deplore war, guns, shooting and killing unless it's in self defense. I oppose abortion and the death penalty. I consider myself liberal although I am in favor of small government which the Republicans used to aspire to. I would like the government out of my face. I don't like liberal lawyers. They whine and always try to blame other people/corporations for their clients stupidity. But don't get me wrong... I think corporations are evil.

With that out of the way.. let's move on to Rush Limbaugh. What the hell is wrong with that man? Well we know he's a recovering drug addict and I suppose all the drugs messed up his head.. but how can he even think for one minute that the wives of the men who died on 9/11 who are demanding an investigation into the mistakes made leading up to 9/11 have anything to do with supporting John Kerry or that this is politically motivated? What is wrong with this idiot? Before I ever heard of John Kerry, I wanted Bush's ass in a sling for 9/11. I wanted the whole damn government, Republicans and Democrats thrown out so we could start over! They simply fucked up. Everyone hates Americans and it sure as hell isn't because of "our freedoms". What a crock of shit. What the hell is our government up to? What were they doing behind our backs?

Wake up conservatives! There is no liberal agenda. Right wingers are the ones with the agenda. We don't have one... well just one tiny one.. JUSTICE!

Anyway.. since 9/11 happened I have always wondered just why Bush sat in that classroom that fateful day and didn't do a fucking thing. Why didn't the secret service whisk him out of there? I am not being political. I am asking a legitimate question. Cheney got whisked away. Bush sat there. That whole school could have been attacked. How did Bush and his aids know that they were not in danger of being attacked that day? Because they knew of the plot is why. This has absolutely nothing to do with politics as far as I am concerned.

If Republicans would wake up and think for themselves and stop sticking with the party, right or wrong, they would see what I see. Bush knew. There is tons of other evidence that shows that something was up that day.. too many anamolies.. but Bush's behavior alone is enough to make anyone suspicious. Read about it.

I'm just someone who watched the whole thing happen live on TV, who cleaned the ashes of the WTC and it's inhabitants off my furniture for days and weeks after the tragedy.. I was scared shitless I tell you. I was paralyzed. If you don't live in or near NYC then you don't have a clue what it was like for 6 months or so after 9/11. I don't care what you say. You don't know. It was like the gestapo around here. Funerals, soldiers, cops, sirens, road blocks.. you'll never know unless you lived it.

I have morons argue with me that they knew what we felt here in NY. Bullshit. You were all probably thinking, "whew, glad it wasn't here". I don't blame you cause I am thinking that when the next terror attack happens that it happens somewhere else.

Just cause I was scared and didn't go out doesn't mean I wasn't thinking or that my brain stopped working. I was piecing together the puzzle and making tapes of what was on tv and saving articles and researching on the internet. I watched Ari Fleischer lie on TV that night. I knew he was full of shit. I am not stupid. I wasn't sure what I was more scared of.. another terror attack or my government.

Rush Limbaugh, go to hell. This has nothing to do with John Kerry, you bumbling idiot. I am pissed as hell. I want answers too and my husband didn't die in the WTC. And another thing, who cares if John Kerry is rich? Bush is richer. You are probably just as rich and you are a lying hypocrite.

This stinking 9/11 commission should have happened 2 years ago at least and should have been over and done with by now. This is nonsense. I didn't need to relive this. Those 4 wives don't need to relive this either. Especially them. Rush Limbaugh is a fucking drug addict asshole.

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