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Friday, April 30

Happy Mission Accomplished Day

Happy Anniversary Mister Pwesident.

When asked if he felt he spoke too soon a year ago standing under a Mission Accomplished banner just 5 miles off the shore of San Diego, the President today defended his stance, ''We're making progress, you bet''. He stood in the Rose Garden today talking with reporters.

"A year ago, I did give the speech from the carrier saying that we had achieved an important objective, that we had accomplished a mission, which was the removal of Saddam Hussein," Bush said.

"And as a result, there are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq. As a result, a friend of terror has been removed and now sits in a jail.

Saddam Hussein is in custody while US Soldiers bomb Iraqi cities killing thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens including thousands of women and children. Iraqi wives have been raped, tortured and filmed by US Soldiers in order to make their husbands break down. These photos were found on porn sites on the Internet. Iraqi prisoners have been tortured and forced into sexual positions while being photographed. More and more stories of war atrocities will be coming to light in the coming weeks. Surely it is a great victory that Saddam Hussein is out of power but at what price?

"On balance, I think things are going well," said Rep. Vito Fossella, R-New York, told CNN's "Crossfire" Wednesday. "We've liberated a country; 25 million or so Iraqis now can look forward to democracy and freedoms that we currently enjoy."

Not so fast, Mr. Fossella. The Iraqi's don't see things the way they are reported in the media. A CNN/Gallop poll (2) taken between March 22 and April 9, BEFORE the carnage in Fallujah this month tell us how Iraqi's viewed this war:

47% said attacks against US Soldiers not justified
52% said attacks justified some or all of the time

33% said war had done more good than harm
46% said war done more harm than good.

42% said Iraq was better off because of the war
39% said Iraq was worse off. Given error sample this is a dead heat.

54% said conditions for peace worsened in last 3 months
25% said conditions improved.

54% said gave Bush unfavorable rating
11% said somewhat unfavorable
31% said favorable rating

29% said troops conducted themselves very badly
24% said they acted fairly well
10% said troops acted very well.

67% said troops were not trying to keep ordinary Iraqi's from being killed.
18% said troops were trying a little
11% said they were trying a lot

60% said troops sometimes or often showed disrespect to Iraqi's during home searches.
29% said troops did not.
46% said troops showed little respect for Iraqi women during home searches
39% said troops did not.

41% said the troops were trying only a little to restore basic services
44% said they were not trying at all.

71% said they saw troops mostly as occupiers
19% said they viewed them as liberators.

Asked how they viewed troops at the time of the invasion a year ago, the respondents were split, with 43 percent saying they saw the coalition forces as occupiers and another 43 percent saying they considered them liberators at the time. (2)

But asked, "Thinking about any hardships you might have suffered since the U.S.-Britain invasion, do you personally think that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth it or not?" Sixty-one percent said it was worth it. Twenty-eight percent said it was not, while 9 percent said they were not sure. (2)

Mr Bush wasn't kidding when he reminded us "I also said on that carrier that day, that there was still difficult work ahead." This commentator doubts he had a clue just how much damage his war would cause.

Mr Bush's photo op on the USS Lincoln one year ago turned out to be flawed operation overall. American's were given the impression that the President flew way out to sea to great soldiers on their return from battle when in fact the Lincoln was 5 miles off shore. San Diego-ans were reporting that they could see the ship from the beach.

Bush staggered off the utility warplane with his parachute straps still in position to give the impression that he had an enormous penis. Later he delivered his speech to thank the troops beneath a banner that read, Mission Accomplished. Bush originally said that the troops made it on their way back from battle and later the White House admitted that they had the banner made.

"They are performing brilliantly in their efforts to bring about a free, peaceful Iraq, which is critical to winning the war on terrorism," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Thursday.

The White House continues to spin it's tales and the Americans continue to go along. Are we getting dizzy yet?

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2. CNN

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