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Wednesday, April 21

Everything is going well for the coalition. God is on our side. Indeed.

If you asked the Bush administration how we are doing in Iraq, you know what they would say... we are making great strides towards bringing freedom and liberty to the middle east. Well yesterday the Marines only had to kill 9 insurgents in Fallujah. 70,000 residents of Fallujah deserted their city earlier this month in order to seek freedom and liberty. There are 600 residents outside Fallujah trying to get back home but the Marines won't let them in cause they don't have the proper ID. I wonder if they were thinking of their ID when they were packing their bags and running away in the first place?

Rebels and US Troops still clashing in Fallujah. Residents said six unarmed civilians were killed and 10 wounded by U.S. fire. There was no independent confirmation of the toll nor of who was responsible for the casualties. U.S. officials, who say troops do not target civilians, declined comment.

The administration also states the Coalition is not crumbling despite the fact that let's see... Spain is withdrawing troops as well as Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Also thinking about withdrawing are Poland and Thailand. Australia only has 350 troops in Iraq.

A suicide car bomb blasted the Saudi national police headquarters Wednesday, killing at least nine people and wounding 125 others, just days after the United States warned of a terrorist attack.

A suicide car bomb Kill 68 in Basra, Iraq.
Iraqi officials blamed al-Qaida for the bloodiest attack in Basra, a mainly Shiite city, since the U.S.-led occupation began a year ago.
Hmm Al Quaida is in Iraq now. Wonder what made them want to go there?

War is Peace. Death is Life. Terrorism is Liberty.

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