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Sunday, April 11

Bush on Vacation while the world goes to hell

I watched Bush on TV this morning coming out of church at Ft Hood in Texas. He said "what we're doing in Iraq is right." I am not sure where he is getting his news from. I also watched Senator McCain on Meet the Press reiterate more Bush propaganda about what a bad man Saddam was and how he killed his own people. I found it ironic since our own POTUS in my own opinion is just about as evil as Hussein. But what do I know? I'm just a blonde musician.

Bush also told us this morning on TV that he thanked the lord on bended knee for protecting the US troops. Hmmm. I suppose compared to what a beating the Iraqi's are taking, the US troops are faring better. What really made the steam come out of my ears though was Bush's comment that "We're plenty tough."

Who is this "We"? Certainly not 'vacation-man'. He has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation and that is not including all the time he spends campaigning for his election. This past week was brutal in Iraq. 59+ US soldiers and 900 Iraqis were killed this past week. Bush spent the week vacationing at his ranch. He also explained, "It was a tough week last week." It was? Hosting hunters, bass fisherman and gun people is tough? He should ask the soldiers about how tough it was.

This time in history is not a good time for me to be going through menopause.

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