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Thursday, March 25

This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco..

This ain't no fooling around....

This is war, Mr. "War" President.

Now aWol makes light of the missing WMD's? It's not funny during wartime.
I bet if Clinton made cigar jokes at one of these meetings, we'd still be fucking hearing about it.. but nooooooo... this maroon is making light of the reason we went to war with Iraq and pretends to look for the bogus WMD's and people think it's funny? The Repuglican bloggers think the Dems are too sensitive.

They are PROJECTING again.

This proves that there are NO WMDs in IRAQ and they will not find them and our boys are over there for nothing and if there is god.... may god forgive us for what we have done.

Read it while I vomit.

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