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Monday, March 15

Sunday TV BS

It's Monday. I survived Sunday morning television. It's a wonder I haven't taken up drinking on Sunday mornings. Condi was on Meet the Press... ok I could barely watch it. She is in la la land.

Even blonde people can tell when the shit is flying. Here's some BS from the show:
MR. RUSSERT:  Let me start with Spain.  This is the cover of Newsweek magazine:  Europe's 9/11, a new threat to America.   Eerily, this attack occurred exactly 911 days after September 11th, 2001.  Are you convinced that al-Qaeda was behind the attack in Spain?

DR. RICE:  I think we still do not really know who was behind this brutal attack in Spain.... 

MR. RUSSERT:  Al-Qaeda has issued audiotapes taking responsibility for the attack.  It says, "It is a response to your collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies."  About 90 percent of Spaniards were opposed to Spain's helping the United States in Iraq.  Are you concerned that the Spanish government and today's election may fall as a result of embracing the president's policy on Iraq and this attack?

DR. RICE:  I believe that the Spanish people understand that they've had strong and good leadership in President Jose Maria Aznar and his government, that fighting terrorism cannot allow one to be intimidated.  We are fighting a global war on terrorism, and the events in Spain are just more evidence of the lengths to which these killers will go to try and intimidate free people....

Oh really? Adios, Senor Aznar.
Spain's new socialist PM likely to pull troops from Iraq.

DR. RICE:  We're at war with these people, and yes, they will try and attack those who they believe might defeat them.  That is a part of their game.  But they will not win and we will not falter, because if we allow them to intimidate, if we ever fall into the notion that we would be better off just to sit back and let them grow and continue, that if we don't bother them, they won't bother us, that's simply a notion that cannot be tolerated after 9/11.....  And now they recognize that they have a United States of America and a coalition that's taking them on.  They've committed acts of war against them.

I have a problem with this "Acts of war" thing. How about acts of terrorism. Don't you need to be a country attacking another country for there to be a war? Bush and Co. are so "war" happy. War on this, war on that... kill, kill, kill...

DR. RICE:  But, Tim, we also have to take this fight to the terrorists.  They committed an act of war on 9/11 against the United States.  They went for the Pentagon. They were going for the Capitol and for the White House.  They were trying to decapitate us.  That's an act of war.

Sounds like terrorism to me. Oh just go read the thing while I puke.

Oh wait, get this:

MR. RUSSERT:  On September 11, there is a commission now in place which the administration originally resisted and also resisted extending the deadline. They now want to interview the president.  He has said he'll only sit down with the chairman and co-chairman of the committee for one hour.  Will the president meet with the full commission and will he do it for longer than an hour?

DR. RICE:  The president, of course, is the president, and he does have a schedule to keep, but he has said that he will sit with the chairman and with the co-chairman and that he will answer whatever questions they have.  And I'm quite certain he will take as long as they need to answer those questions.

MR. RUSSERT:  Several hours, a day if they need?

DR. RICE:  Well, I would hope that they would recognize that he's president and that people would be judicious in the use of his time.....

This is the big one, I'm coming Elizabeth!
THE 9/11President is TOO BUSY??? The man whose presidency would have never even made a history book had it not been for 9/11 is too busy? He wasn't too busy to disrupt life on Long Island last Thursday and tie up my traffic to raise some money and talk about the economy to people who "no habla ingles"

MR. RUSSERT:  Will you testify under oath in public about September 11?

DR. RICE:  Tim, this is not a matter of preference; this is a matter of principle.  It has long been a legal and constitutional principle that assistants to the president, the presidential staff, do not testify before legislative bodies.  But this is not a matter of preference.  I have spent more than four hours with the commission going through the details about 9/11. I'm prepared to spend more time with the commission in discussion about whatever they'd like to know about September 11, but as a matter of principle, we cannot breach this wall between the legislature and the executive.

Unless we are talking about a presidential blowjob, everything that the government does is a secret. Thank you my fellow Amercuns.

Tim Russert also interviewed Howard Dean.

MR. RUSSERT:  You think that Iraq may be on the verge of civil war?

DR. DEAN:  I think that is the unfortunate indication.  I actually fear--and this is an interesting thing for one of the most anti-war candidates to say--my greatest fear right now is that President Bush for political reasons will withdraw our troops prematurely from Iraq, and that Iraq will descend in--either to civil war or to chaos.  There are significant divisions.  If you, for election reasons, bring home the troops too early, then you risk the--either al-Qaeda establishing a beachhead, and we know al-Qaeda is in Iraq now, even though they were not in Iraq before we went in, or you risk the attempt by the Shiite religious majority to enforce a Shiite theocracy, which is what they have in Iran.  I think that would be a very serious problem.

MR. RUSSERT:  So Howard Dean would not cut and run if he was president?

DR. DEAN:  No.  I don't think you could do that, and I'd be surprised if either of the candidates--I'd be more worried about President Bush in this arena because I think that he is more sensitive to poll numbers and he understands that there are a lot of people asking questions about why we're there.  You know, the significant issue in Iraq is not whether we're in there or not.  If that were the significant issue, I'd be the nominee and Senator Kerry would not.  People care about Iraq, but they really wanted--they voted for John Kerry because they thought--for a number of other reasons.  The significant issue--and this is where the president is going to rise or fall in this election--is did the president tell the truth?  And I think an increasing number of Americans believe that he may not have told the truth.  And when the president of the United States has problems with his credibility, that brings his re-electability into question.

Bush's poll numbers were dropping and banzai... terror attack en Espana. hmmmm.

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