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Monday, March 15

More on Bush's Visit to Long Island

It never stops does it?

Bush supposedly cashed in on the 9/11 tragedy because while he was coming to LI to campaign which would have made him have to pay for his trip, he stopped over at the 9/11 memorial ground breaking ceremony so the taxpayers would foot the bill for his trip here. He also raised 1.6 million bucks from stupid ass repuglicans.

And of course, the rallies that were supposed to happen got stonewalled. What else is new?

Yesterday in Westbury, Long Island, 9/11 victim families members and others planning on attending the Rally organized by 9/11 CitizensWatch were blocked from access to the Rally site on the edge of Eisenhower Park by Nassau County Police Department on order from the Secret Service despite have been granted permission in advance by Sergeant O’Leary of the Special Investigations Section of the Nassau County Police Department. Two days prior Sergeant O’leary had called CitizensWatch co-founder, Kyle F. Hence, to confirm the approved site for the rally and vigil. According to Sergeant O’leary who spoke to CitizensWatch following the Bush fundraiser, two hours before the rally was to begin, the U.S. Secret Service ordered additional roads closed effectively locking out numerous family members and members of the press to the rally point. All we turned away including family members. As a result, organizers received several calls from family members upset about not being able to voice their outrage about Bush Administration stonewalling of the 9/11 Commission.

Well this explains why it was such a poopy day for protests. Man that Bush always figures out a way to keep his feet clean doesn't he?

And one more tidbit, they had a terror drill in Shea Stadium after the Madrid bombing. I guess we're next. Goodie.

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