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Friday, March 26

Matriculatin' Blues

My son is a freshman in a university. He is there on an honors scholarship. He doesn't know what to major in. He is smart enough to major in anything he wants to but he wants to major in something that will get him a job when he gets out in four years assuming that he doesn't get drafted and killed in one of Bush's wars. So here is one of our nation's brightest students wondering what the hell he is going to do with his life. What can I tell him?

I try to remain optimistic and rely on my fellow Americans to wake up and see the light and overthrow the evil dictatorship. So I tell my son to hang in there and find a subject he really enjoys and major in that even though he may have to live in India in order to fulfill his dream of working in that industry some day.

I try not to tell him that since we live in NY, we may be nuked anyway so it really doesn't matter. School is a good diversion from the real world when you're only 18 years old. There are no jobs anyway.

Last night, I suggested an English major. He's very good at writing. I suggested the blogosphere. He might get a gig out of that. He looked at me like I was nuts. He's a better guitar player than anything and has decided he wants to be a musician. oy vay. I'm a musician with a BFA in art, an MBA in marketing, an MDiv in theology and countless other 2 year certificates in this and that. Look where that got me. Good luck kid.

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