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Monday, March 22

Bush Didn't Care About Al Qaida

I watched 60 Minutes last night as I am sure many people did. Last night it was Richard Clarke, former Terrorism Czar for the last 30 years who spoke out against the Bush Administration and revealed again that BushCo wanted to Bomb Iraq from the get go on 9/11. Actually, they wanted to bomb Iraq since the Bush Administration took power in January of 2001 which we know from Paul O'Neil's book and appearance on 60 Minutes previously. Leslie Stahl did a fine interview. She asked tough questions that no Republican could deny.

There's no reason for me to report all the news here. I will put up links to the newspaper articles. I just have to say here that it's pretty obvious this man, GWBush and his cronies had one thing in mind when they took power and that was to avenge Saddam for his attempted murder on the life of President Bush the first. They were warned about Al Qaida and ignored the warnings. They were asleep at the wheel when 9/11 happened and that is what has upset me for the past 2 and a half years. They knew 9/11 would happen, they let it happen and then they got their war.

I suppose I was wasn't too keen on bombing the shit of Afghanistan in the first place, but when BushCo just kind of left it to bomb the shit out of Iraq and forgot all about Osama, I knew that something was wrong and I am grateful that at least 2 brave men, Dick Clark and Paul O'Neil have come out and exposed this administration for all their lies and deception.

This was all I wanted all along: I wanted American people to wake up and quit being so loyal to the party when the party was clearly wrong. Bush was exploiting 9/11 to complete his agenda. How this will play out in the elections remains to be seen.

Read for yourself.
New York Times The Independent The Washington Post Yahoo News

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