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Friday, February 27

I Don't Want to Be Catholic


Besides the fact that the church is so descriminatory to women...

Besides the fact that the church has regressed since Vatican II...

Besides the fact that the church adheres to more man made rules and pomp than I think Jesus would be pleased with...

I am simply appalled at the way Bishops have handled the pedophile cases of it's priests.

I have always been a free thinker, which in itself is rather anti-catholic. I know exactly what the teachings of Jesus were. I went so far as to get a masters degree in theology from the seminary of the ******** ** *** ********* ********** in ********** NY in 1992. I'm pretty darn informed of where the Catholic Church comes from and I am not happy with it in general. It's pretty gory.

I question things more than regular people and I don't believe that a bunch of repressed men who have women issues need to tell me how to live my life to gain eternal salvation.

Today I read that 4% of Catholic priests are accused of being pedophiles. That is simply alarming. Most of the abusees are males. I used to wonder when I was in the seminary about the seminarians. I remember one of my favorite synoptic gospel professors, a brilliant man who was 78 years old at the time claiming that the present seminarians were a bunch of "interior designers" and I remember asking one of my seminarian friends why he wasn't hanging out after a particular class to talk with us and he said he had to catch Designing Women. ok. Maybe some were into interior design. The flower arrangements at the seminary were exquisite, I must say. That didn't worry me. People interested in Interior Design aren't pedophiles. I went to Interior Design School at Parsons School of Design before my son was born and after I got my MBA. All my teachers were gay and all of them are since deceased. They were lovely bright intelligent men. I went to art school before that so I have no problem with gay men and I never perceived them to be perverts. They just liked men. I always thought it was a damn shame because they were better looking that hetero men, more cultured, more spiritual, more refined and smelled better.. but I am digressing again.

So where on earth were these perverts coming from that infiltrated the Catholic Church? According to the South Park Boy Scout episode, the gay scout leader was the best scout leader the boys ever had while the replacement heterosexual scout leader turned out to be the real pervert. hmmm. And remember the NAMBLA episode.. not the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, but the other NAMBLA, they weren't gay... hmmm. So we have decided that these perverts who abuse children aren't gay. Well I have anyway.

So it seems that the Catholic Church, and I am sure other institutions like teachers, coaches, youth counselors, etc attract men who have these perversions where by they wish to have sexual relations with minors of their own sex. They figure they are safe if they are in a warm fuzzy trusting environment...

I grew up in the Catholic Church. The whole nine yards. Priests were regarded as the pinnacle of holiness. A priest's word was gospel truth at that time. If a child said that a priest did a bad thing, a child's mouth would be washed out with soap and the parent would order an exorcism at once... that's how much priests were revered... so it's no wonder that the Catholic Church would attract serious perverts.

What I cannot excuse, however is the Bishops! Holy F***ing Shit! Why in god's holy name were they protecting these assholes? Why were they paying off families of abusees to keep quiet and KEEPING THOSE SICK F*CKHEADS in the ministry?

WWJD? Jesus would tell the bishops that they were just as guilty of the sin of violating those minors as the priests were by exposing other minors to the atrocities. Jesus says stuff like that in the New Testament.

I cannot bring myself to attend Church anymore. I couldn't put a dime that might be used as blood money to silence a family into the collection plate. I urge Catholics to hit the Church where it hurts. In their bank account. It's the only way to tell them that we don't approve of this. If every Catholic stayed out of Church for a few weeks, especially during Lent.. it would send a strong message.

Alas, Catholics for the most part are all caught up in being afraid of going to hell so they must perform their Easter duty which was made up by men who feel that imposing guilt on the flock will keep them in line completely disregarding god's plan of giving his creations a free will. Ya know you can go to Episcopalian or Lutheran Mass for a couple of weeks if you miss church that much. You can't really tell once you're in there.

Being afraid of going to hell and loving god are 2 different things. Think about it. Think about what Jesus said to the Pharisees in the temple time after time. Put the Catholic Church in place of the Pharisees sometime and then think some more.

Watch Mel Gibson's "Passion" and put the Catholic Church hierarchy in place of the high priests who condemn Jesus to death too while you are at it.

Then read this
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