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Wednesday, February 25

Constitutional Amendment?

W must really be feeling the heat these days. He is trying to take our minds off the bigger issues... maybe the impending terror attack? The economy in the trash can? No jobs? A senseless war?

Talk about 'wagging the dog'. A constitutional amendment to defend marriage? How sad. How very sad. It's a real kick in the face to gay Republicans and to gays and their families everywhere. This is a civil rights issue and not to be taken so lightly. How can W just come up with an amendment almost overnight? It's not like Republicans are any more moral than anyone else. Just the other day W was "looking at the situation" in San Francisco carefully and then yesterday, WHAM, he's got an amendment to our constitution. What, does he want to go down in history, and bring our whole generation down as a bunch of bigoted idiots?
bah. Stay tuned

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