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Sunday, February 29

Mental Exercise for Fat Americans

Read this at I think it's great.

I'm Coming Elizabeth!!!!!

::I just read this (somebody shoot me)::

President planning NYC extravaganza
White House goal is unprecedented convention theater

“And now, direct from Ground Zero, heeeeeeere’s the president!”

Well, that’s not exactly how President Bush is likely to be introduced when he gives his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Sept. 2, but it might be something equally dramatic and theatrical.

According to sources privy to convention planners’ discussions, the 2004 GOP conclave at New York’s Madison Square Garden will be unlike any previous quadrennial gathering of either party. In fact, not all of the main events will be held at the Garden, sources involved in planning the Aug. 31-Sept. 2 convention said.

“The entire format and actual physical setup could be radically different,” one GOP insider commented. “They might not even have a podium, or maybe a rotating podium or even a stage that comes up from underground. It would be like a theater in the round, with off-site events that are part of the convention.”

The source, a veteran official of past GOP conventions, said the 50,000 delegates, dignitaries and guests would watch off-site events on giant TV screens. “Now, we’ll go to the deck of the USS Intrepid as the U.S. Marine Corps Band plays the National Anthem,” he said, pretending that he was playing the part of the convention chairman.


“Or, and this is a real possibility, we could see President Bush giving his acceptance speech at Ground Zero,” he added. “It’s clearly a venue they’re considering.”

Another GOP source said Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other Gotham officials pressed convention planners to come up with creative ideas to counter the negative publicity stemming from a proposal by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) to house delegates on a luxury cruise ship in New York Harbor.

DeLay’s proposal drew fire from many New Yorkers, including key Republicans, who felt it damaged the party’s image and would hurt the city’s hotel and restaurant industry.

A spokesperson for William Harris, the former Alabama GOP chairman who is chief executive of the convention, said yesterday that Harris didn’t want to discuss any details of the convention, including the possibility that some events would be held outside Madison Square Garden.

Harris told The New York Times Tuesday that he would like to hold some events in the city’s neighborhoods, “where his candidate could benefit by seeming to embrace the ethnic diversity that is New York.”

But with President Bush’s nomination assured, and little chance that Vice President Cheney will be replaced as his running mate, Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee are definitely looking for ways to generate some excitement to hold the attention of a worldwide TV audience and get the Bush-Cheney campaign off to a running start.

Billionaires are Back!

Yay! 2003 was a great year for Billionaires. I feel so much better now. Whew!

I found this little tidbit in the Houston Chronicle

My favorite person who brought you the 'so so' operating system for PC, Bill Gates, is still perched on top of the list. I have to give Bill Gates 2 things: 1. He is a master marketer. He has most of world believing that Windows OS is the way to go, even though it clearly is not. But the prices are low and low price rather than quality speaks to people. Hear that Steve Jobs? 2. Bill Gates is a philanthropist. You gotta give him that too. But I digress.

What is pissing me off (something is always pissing me off) about the Billionaire thing?

This part:
"In the United States, billionaires gained not only from a 20 percent rise in stocks, but also from reductions in taxes on dividends and capital gains, according to Mark Zandi, chief economist at"

Isn't that special? I am so very happy that Bush&Co took good care to see that the Billionaires didn't take a hit during the shitty economy.

It still baffles the heck out of me why regular hard working tax paying people would want to be republican. Anyway, I did pretty darn well in the stock market last year too, I must say. Most people did not though. Most people don't even do the stock market. They are lucky if they have enough money to get from month to month and they live paycheck to paycheck. I'm going with the lefties for now.

Talk about morality. What's more moral? To steal from the poor and give to the rich? Or Vice versa? Really now.

Saturday, February 28

Number Crunching with the Preznit.

I got most of this from Uggabugga.

Number crunching with the Preznit

This country was attacked on 9/11. Bush took it sitting in a classroom that day and then crisscrossing the country in his jet awaiting word from the real president on what to tell the country. Then he started a bunch of wars, started a bunch of fake security ops while keeping the borders wide open and they are still wide open people. Don't tell me that we are safer. Any piece of shit terrorist can stroll right into our country from Canada or Mexico. Do you hear me? Wake up.

Bush to Limit Interview with 9/11 Panel to an Hour

"The panel investigating the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States will get one hour to ask President Bush what he knew about events leading up to the suicide airline hijackings, the White House said on Friday.
"They are looking at an hour as you pointed out," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said when asked by a reporter whether he could confirm reports that Bush was limiting the meeting to an hour. "

How very generous of our commander in chief to take one hour out of his campaign schedule to help with the 9/11 commission.

Now let's look at a real Washington Post story by Mike Allen from August 7, 2001 (a month before 9/11/01):

"CRAWFORD, Tex., Aug. 6 -- By the time President Bush returns to Washington on Labor Day after the longest presidential vacation in 32 years, he will have spent all or part of 54 days since the inauguration at his parched but beloved ranch. That's almost a quarter of his presidency.
Throw in four days last month at his parents' seaside estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, and 38 full or partial days at the presidential retreat at Camp David, and Bush will have spent 42 percent of his presidency at vacation spots or en route."

Okay, it's number-crunching time. Bush was inaugurated on January 21, 2001. The Post story was dated August 6, 2001. That's 196 days, or 4704 hours. Take 42% of that, and you have 1975 hours "at vacation spots or en route".

So for the 1975 hours Bush spent on route to vacation or at vacation before 9/11, he only cares to spend one measly hour answering questions about what he knew about 9/11.

"Rather than sitting down with all 10 members of the so-called 9/11 commission, Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have only agreed to meet privately with its chairman, Thomas Kean, and the vice chairman, Lee Hamilton."

Does this mean an hour for both Bush and Cheney?
We'll find out.

Now, for all you Clinton hating sex fiends out there. If we were investigating Clinton's private sex life, we would by now have known chapter and verse, every sordid detail of every move Clinton made on women whether or not it had anything to do with the security of the United States of America. It would have been read over the news and printed in all the newspapers and our children once again would be asking us what oral sex is.

Our country was attacked by unknown assailants. We want to know the truth. The preznit is sitting on the answers and no one is saying boo to him. Are we afraid to know what really happened? yeah it's frightening to think of what might really have happened. It's unthinkable. But this country needs to grow up already. Call your representatives in DC and demand the truth. Thank you.

Another Bush Protest. No Way!

Bush visited Louisville, Kentucky on the campaign trail. hmmm.
They don't even teach evolution in their schools but they know a bad Preznit when they see one.

"He cares nothing about the common person," said Hall, of Louisville. "We decided we're just tired of it, and we needed to do something."

"He's screwed up our country," said Hoekstra, 81. "He's screwed everything up. The No Child Left Behind Act, the environment, everything."

You tell him, ladies!

The Passion Sparks Passion

I saw Mel Gibson's Passion the first day it came out at 1:30 in the afternoon. That was the closest thing to religion I have accomplished since my mom's funeral prep almost 3 years ago which totally turned me off cause her Church wouldn't even play some songs that she wanted because they weren't hymns. oy. Even she was pissed the year before that when my Dad died and they would play Saints or Danny Boy. sheesh. She belonged to such a Republican parish. They had money. I belonged to a more Democratic parish. We had minorities in my parish. We had to be Democratic. Of course I hadn't attended my church in ages cause I was mad at them for being hypocrites but that's another story.

The other firsts for me were that I don't think I have ever seen a movie on it's first day out, I hardly ever go to the movies, I never see war movies- ever and I hate bloody gory movies. So I went against everything I stand for.

When I say I watched most of this movie through my fingers because my hands were over my face for most of this movie, I am not kidding. It was like watching a car accident. What on earth compelled me to partake in this cinematic bloodbath? The hype? I am not one for hype. The anti-semitism? Nah although I suspected that it was overblown (which it was). The controversy? Perhaps. That is more my speed.

I think what sparked my interest in the movie was the ADL or JDL. They were accusing the movie of sparking anti-semitism among Christians. I had to see this for myself. I saw it and I didn't think so. I didn't think it was any more anti-semite sparking than the actual bible story. I didn't take the bible story as anti-jew though because I took the whole story in it's context and I understood that the whole death and resurrection thing had to happen and the whole thing made sense and I never gave it another thought.

I think that the Rabbi's whining about it on TV sparked more controversy than the movie did. Now Mel Gibson's father's comments probably set the Catholic Church back 1000 years.. not to mention some shaky relations between some Christians and some Jews. I was appalled that the media even gave that crazy man the time of day and air time and press coverage. I don't think that hate speech should be given any press... freedom of speech or not. It's just irresponsible.

Ok, back to the gory movie experience. The audience consisted of older folks with ashes on their heads denoting that they were mostly mainline christians. They were silent on the way in and silent and reverent on the way out. It was like Church. I heard lots of gasps during the movie. I personally did not watch the actual crucifixion where they nailed Jesus to the cross. The sound effects were gross enough for me.

I read this in the news yesterday. This cracked me up.

"According to Rabbi Feldman "Under Section 802 of the 2001 USA Patriot Act, any crime which endangers human life is defined as an act of domestic terrorism. Mel Gibson's incitement of anti-Semitism is a civil disobedience crime which endangers human life and under the Patriot Act "The Passion" is an act of domestic terrorism" "

Sorry Rabbi Feldman, but see how far you are going to get with Super Duper Uber-Christian John Ashcroft. I believe that John Ashcroft makes us all look like heathens who are hell bound plus this is the most ridiculous charge I have seen to date. I'm afraid of fundies just as much as the good Rabbi, but I think cooler heads will prevail and there will be no rioting or looting in the name of Jesus Christ... at least I hope not.

Friday, February 27

I Don't Want to Be Catholic


Besides the fact that the church is so descriminatory to women...

Besides the fact that the church has regressed since Vatican II...

Besides the fact that the church adheres to more man made rules and pomp than I think Jesus would be pleased with...

I am simply appalled at the way Bishops have handled the pedophile cases of it's priests.

I have always been a free thinker, which in itself is rather anti-catholic. I know exactly what the teachings of Jesus were. I went so far as to get a masters degree in theology from the seminary of the ******** ** *** ********* ********** in ********** NY in 1992. I'm pretty darn informed of where the Catholic Church comes from and I am not happy with it in general. It's pretty gory.

I question things more than regular people and I don't believe that a bunch of repressed men who have women issues need to tell me how to live my life to gain eternal salvation.

Today I read that 4% of Catholic priests are accused of being pedophiles. That is simply alarming. Most of the abusees are males. I used to wonder when I was in the seminary about the seminarians. I remember one of my favorite synoptic gospel professors, a brilliant man who was 78 years old at the time claiming that the present seminarians were a bunch of "interior designers" and I remember asking one of my seminarian friends why he wasn't hanging out after a particular class to talk with us and he said he had to catch Designing Women. ok. Maybe some were into interior design. The flower arrangements at the seminary were exquisite, I must say. That didn't worry me. People interested in Interior Design aren't pedophiles. I went to Interior Design School at Parsons School of Design before my son was born and after I got my MBA. All my teachers were gay and all of them are since deceased. They were lovely bright intelligent men. I went to art school before that so I have no problem with gay men and I never perceived them to be perverts. They just liked men. I always thought it was a damn shame because they were better looking that hetero men, more cultured, more spiritual, more refined and smelled better.. but I am digressing again.

So where on earth were these perverts coming from that infiltrated the Catholic Church? According to the South Park Boy Scout episode, the gay scout leader was the best scout leader the boys ever had while the replacement heterosexual scout leader turned out to be the real pervert. hmmm. And remember the NAMBLA episode.. not the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, but the other NAMBLA, they weren't gay... hmmm. So we have decided that these perverts who abuse children aren't gay. Well I have anyway.

So it seems that the Catholic Church, and I am sure other institutions like teachers, coaches, youth counselors, etc attract men who have these perversions where by they wish to have sexual relations with minors of their own sex. They figure they are safe if they are in a warm fuzzy trusting environment...

I grew up in the Catholic Church. The whole nine yards. Priests were regarded as the pinnacle of holiness. A priest's word was gospel truth at that time. If a child said that a priest did a bad thing, a child's mouth would be washed out with soap and the parent would order an exorcism at once... that's how much priests were revered... so it's no wonder that the Catholic Church would attract serious perverts.

What I cannot excuse, however is the Bishops! Holy F***ing Shit! Why in god's holy name were they protecting these assholes? Why were they paying off families of abusees to keep quiet and KEEPING THOSE SICK F*CKHEADS in the ministry?

WWJD? Jesus would tell the bishops that they were just as guilty of the sin of violating those minors as the priests were by exposing other minors to the atrocities. Jesus says stuff like that in the New Testament.

I cannot bring myself to attend Church anymore. I couldn't put a dime that might be used as blood money to silence a family into the collection plate. I urge Catholics to hit the Church where it hurts. In their bank account. It's the only way to tell them that we don't approve of this. If every Catholic stayed out of Church for a few weeks, especially during Lent.. it would send a strong message.

Alas, Catholics for the most part are all caught up in being afraid of going to hell so they must perform their Easter duty which was made up by men who feel that imposing guilt on the flock will keep them in line completely disregarding god's plan of giving his creations a free will. Ya know you can go to Episcopalian or Lutheran Mass for a couple of weeks if you miss church that much. You can't really tell once you're in there.

Being afraid of going to hell and loving god are 2 different things. Think about it. Think about what Jesus said to the Pharisees in the temple time after time. Put the Catholic Church in place of the Pharisees sometime and then think some more.

Watch Mel Gibson's "Passion" and put the Catholic Church hierarchy in place of the high priests who condemn Jesus to death too while you are at it.

Then read this
Don't be afraid to sign up for the Washington Post. It's easy.

Wednesday, February 25

Constitutional Amendment?

W must really be feeling the heat these days. He is trying to take our minds off the bigger issues... maybe the impending terror attack? The economy in the trash can? No jobs? A senseless war?

Talk about 'wagging the dog'. A constitutional amendment to defend marriage? How sad. How very sad. It's a real kick in the face to gay Republicans and to gays and their families everywhere. This is a civil rights issue and not to be taken so lightly. How can W just come up with an amendment almost overnight? It's not like Republicans are any more moral than anyone else. Just the other day W was "looking at the situation" in San Francisco carefully and then yesterday, WHAM, he's got an amendment to our constitution. What, does he want to go down in history, and bring our whole generation down as a bunch of bigoted idiots?
bah. Stay tuned

Friday, February 20

Testing 1 2 3..... Is This Thing On?

Can you hear me? Testing testing....
Thanks for coming and welcome to the show. Hope you enjoy it. So sit back, have a few cocktails and let me tune my guitar and we'll start.