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Sunday, February 12

Should Republicans/Christians give up sex if they don't want any more children?

Contraception - Bad!
Pregnancy - Good!

It's good to know that when Republican/Christian Men, especially politicians and clergy, decide they don't want any more children, they gladly give up sex no matter what age they are because they believe 
contraception means taking a life.

You Republican/Christian women, we know you are
only interested in sex for procreation 
(Women don't really need sex for fulfillment or enjoyment)!
Do your part! 
Stay pregnant each and every year or have your husband give up sex.
It's what's expected of your religion and husband's beliefs.
Support him!
Remember! Use of any contraception during Sex,
married or not, by you, your husband or both,
is murder! 

Republicans and Christians,
Ask yourself...

I'm sure all good Republican/Christian men and women in politics and especially certain media either will continue to have children on a yearly basis or give up Sex
to set good examples for their Party, their Base, their Children and their Network.

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