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Friday, February 24

Mutato Nomine ...

"Muskie is already finished ... (h)e had no base. Nobody's really for Muskie. They're only for the Front-Runner, the man who says he's the only one who can beat Nixon - but not even Muskie himself believes that anymore; he couldn't even win a majority of the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, on his home turf."

- Frank Mankiewicz, in Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, p. 123 (New York, Warner Books, 1973).


This came leaping out at me, here in the far-flung future of 2012. It occurred to me that one might almost say the same about Willard Romney, since the Well-Dressed 2x4 seems to be having trouble getting his Message across that he's the only Republican capable of beating Barack Obama and putting the GOP back into the Oval Office.

Polls? Well, the polls are a good indicator, but they're what economists call a lagging indicator - they follow the electorate, they don't dictate what it'll do (although, granted, predictive analysis has come a long way since the 1972 debacle). Romney expected to do well in the caucus states, but had his ass handed to him. Even in Minnesota, which he won handily in the 2008 primaries.

Which leads us to the upcoming votes in Arizona and Michigan.

The debate Wednesday night was an orgy of mutual masturbation and flagellation, as each of the four remaining candidates alternately slobbered out buzzwords and platitudes to delight the gullible while doing their best to sap or shank or destroy their opponents. It was rather fun to watch, if you were drunk.

The vote in Arizona might be a tie, and experience in Iowa, Nevada and Maine seems to point to an orgy of hand-waving. Based on the other three contests, I don't think the GOP can handle simple arithmetic (of course, one sees that in their economic plans as well).

One of Mittens' staffers crowed that his man was going to win in Michigan, Romney's birth state and the state in which his daddy was Governor. We'll have to see - Willard's done a few things that haven't really endeared him to Michiganders, like opining in 2008 that the auto industry should be allowed to die without government intervention, or more recently that the housing collapse and the mortgage debacle should be allowed to "hit bottom."

Which leads me to another quote from the late and revered Dr. Thompson's book, from Page 130:

"The reason people didn't vote for Ed Muskie here is that they didn't have any reason to."

Mutato nomine, Willard, de te fabula narratur.

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