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Saturday, February 25

Dance, Monkeys, Dance

Mewling Man-Child Newton Gingrich, worried that his birth state of Georgia might go for Santorum or one of the other Feeble Foursome on Super Tuesday, said that it was essential for each candidate to win their home state in order to stay in the race.

Nice try, Newton my lad. As long as Sheldon Adelson keeps writing checks you'll stay in and be the Circus Geek everyone always wants to see.

Don't know what a circus geek was? That was a guy you saw at the freak show in carnivals or circuses. He used to bite the heads off live chickens and swallow them raw, for the delectation of the paying customers.

That's what you are, Newton, a side show - that's what you all are. A freakish combination of dancing hurdy-gurdy monkeys and geeks, capering at the end of long leashes while the shadowy money men (Adelson, Friess, the Koch Brothers, etc.) call the tune.

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