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Monday, August 23

New York State is Scarier Than Ever

by blondesense liz

God help us. I don't want another second of Paterson, but the GOP candidates are downright scary, illogical and in desperate need of learning how the government works.

A very mean man and wealthy business owner, Carl Paladino, is running for GOP governor in NYS.

Paladino is in favor of converting prisons to dormitories for those who collect welfare or unemployment insurance in order to teach them personal hygiene and job skills.
This teabagger (a huge contradiction) has suggested something that will probably cost more to taxpayers than sending welfare and unemployment checks to those who are down and out.

I wonder if he will get any votes from all the Republicans who happen to be collecting unemployment insurance checks through no fault of their own? Anyway, this *%#$ makes no sense about anything he espouses.

The other GOP scary dude running for Guv is former bank lobbyist and loser to Hillary Clinton in a NY Senate race, Rick Lazio who is just pissing people off with his anti-mosque hysteria. He's behind in the polls. We didn't like this Long Islander when he ran against Hillary, so why should we like him now?

Good heavens. Is this the best the GOP can come up with for NYS? Really?
They offer us hateful, ill informed, selfish men who pander to the lowest of the lows in our state? Wow. They offer us men who can only garner attention by instilling fear and hate in their constituents? Wow.

No wonder New York is the most unhappy state in the union.

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