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Thursday, August 12

...and if you act now...

There are lotteries all over the United Social States of America. The most publicized are the “Big Money Mega-Power Games” that promise more money than Glenn Beck’s Yearly Salary but less than Rupert Murdoch’s! But the most popular are probably the scratch-off tickets where you could win $XXXX.00 weekly or monthly for the rest of your life! These are by far the most favorite of the seniors in my area. They are hoping, not for immense wealth, rather just enough extra per week or month to help them get by paying for necessities and incidentals.

Most lottery games have odds where you have as much chance of winning as a wolf getting away from Palin’s helicopters. (The guys who operate the games aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, ya know)? But you play anyway. Why? Well, someone has to win, so why not you?

Now for a dose of reality. If I told you, you have already won a prize of about $1100 A MONTH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, just by being an employed citizen of the United Social States of America, would that pique your interest? Would you ask how is that possible? Would you believe me if I told you? And would you take the prize you’ve already won? Well, truth is, nearly all Americans have already “won” a prize of about $1100 a month for the rest of their lives! It’s true and it’s called Social Security. Surprise! You’re a winner!

There are no tickets to buy or to scratch off, no sitting up nights until 11:00 P.M to see if your numbers match those stupid ping pong balls and no checking the newspaper or waiting through commercial after commercial watching the dweebs on your local TV News to see if you won anything. You already have WON! Honest!
You see, you entered and won by working all your life. That’s all there is to it. The prize is already yours! And our Socialist Government has made sure that your winnings are safe, at least until 2037. Problems after that can be corrected easily by making the current “entry price” we all pay percentage-wise, the same for everyone. Right now, people who make more than $106,000 yearly don’t pay any more as an entry fee. But when they are eligible to get their monthly winnings, they get a lot more than you and I. Not too fair, is it, since they get money we paid in that should have been ours? Eliminate the $106,000 cap so they pay their fair share and you will never lose any money after 2037 no matter who tries to lie to you, no matter how much the wealthy earn.

But there is a faction in America that wants you to give up your guaranteed winnings, pass a law and force you to take a chance on losing your $1100 a month for life, your money, to them. It’s just like buying that lottery ticket with the big odds. What if you lose? How many guaranteed winners are there in all the lotteries you play? None or maybe one! How many guaranteed losers? 99% of all the others! But do you want to take a chance on losing out on $1100 a month for life just to satisfy the greed of that faction then ending up with nothing for all your years of hard work ? It just isn’t worth it!

Just who is the faction that wants you to gamble away your $1100 a month for life? It’s the Senators and Representatives of the Republican Party, a number of Senators of the Democratic Party, a good number of Congressional Blue Dog Democrats, the former and current President and Vice-President of our United Social States and their advisors, appointees and relatives, the Wealthy of Wall Street and their Businesses and Bankers, most of the Main Stream Media Newscasters, especially Fox and the Ex-Governor of Alaska and her extremely radical Tea Party. Yep! They want to take away your $1100 a month for life winnings and force you to take a chance that you’ll lose it them!

How about it? Are you willing to give up a sure $1100 a month for life to allow some wealthy political type or Wall Street Shyster, Tea Party Member or even Ex-Governor of Alaska to take money that was yours while you get NOTHING in return?

Maybe you should call your U.S. Representative, Senator and our President and tell them you’ve already played and won and don’t want anyone to make any law to force you to gamble with what is already your winnings…unless you like taking a chance with your money…and your future?

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