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Saturday, January 3

Reprinted with permission...

...from The Dark Wraith Forums:

Memo Penned to Ruins
TO: Israel
FROM: Dark Wraith
DATE: 3 January 2009
RE: Occupation

You will not win, you know. No amount of firepower will solve your problem with the Palestinians.

Destroy every Qassam rocket, wipe out every Grad missile, kill every member of Hamas, butcher hundreds of civilians who might or might not support it; and you will not win.

Buy our American politicians, cart to your shores billions of dollars in economic aid and war materiel from us, call us your ally as you persistently harm our interests to promote your own; and you will still not win.

Sink our ships that watch you, hire spies to steal our secrets, assassinate your enemies in far away lands; and you will still not win.

Justify your brutality with the horrors done throughout history to your own people, allow your policies to be driven by modern-day Zealots hated by most of your own citizens, hold your economy together on the reed of an unending state of war; and you will still not win.

Imagine your soldiers with their overwhelmingly superior firepower a warrior race, slaughter innocents to defeat evil, make your very religion a clarion cry to destiny instead of a magnificent story of heroism; and you will still not win.

Burn their land to the very ground.

Kill them; and then kill them some more.

Hunt them.

Starve them.

Humiliate them.

Beat them.

Terrorize them.

Then, kill them some more.

Still, you will not win.

Sooner or later, Empire meets its match, wrongful or righteous as that opponent may be. You have met yours, and you are not even Empire.

But, then again, this tragedy is no longer about victory, is it? You would have to destroy what bombs, bullets, knives, and fire cannot; and you already know that. If you harbor any remaining doubt, just ask Empire.

You, just like Empire, will one day weary of your toil. Perhaps you will move on before you are spent of this defining enterprise of madness in its ugly sack cloth of violence. Probably not, though.

Just ask Empire.

Or, more appropriately, read its epitaph.

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