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Monday, January 5

The Gift That Keeps on Giving...

It's always interesting to read the Anchorage Daily News to find out what is happening up in Palin country. The latest gossip is that the search warrant for Sherry Johnston (the other grandmother of Bristol Palin's baby Tripp and mother of Levi the high school dropout) who was selling hillbilly heroin (oxycontin) in Wasilla (the meth capital of Alaska) was postponed until after the election. Word is that the investigation was handled "differently" because of who Johnston was. Naturally, Palin's office denies having anything to do with that. There are a lot of accusations and denials happening at the moment.

There was word that Bristol and Levi would wed before the baby was born, as you may recall and then suddenly the young couple fell out of the spotlight. Perhaps Levi's mom's situation was the cause of that. Not sure that any investigation into the investigation will prove anything one way or the other and it certainly wouldn't make a difference to the governor anyway. The drama continues.

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