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Saturday, January 3

Check out this PUFF PIECE on the BAILOUT from the HARTFORD COURANT - "Overseers Having Trouble Tracking Money" - "Panel also finds it difficult....

to assess effectiveness.

It was the front page headline of the Nation/World/Beyond CT Section on 1/1/09 It's from the AP

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, chairwoman of a congressional oversight panel, has said she did not understand why it has taken so long for the Bush administration to explain its plan.

Say WHAT??? I'm no Harvard law professor -- how come I can figure this out????

Check out the last sentence of the article:

However, a recent review by The Associated Press found that after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation's largest banks can't say exactly how they're spending the money. Some wouldn't even talk about it.

Remember the AP story from December 22:
$1.6 billion went to bailed-out bank execs
Records show bonuses, chauffeurs, health club benefits, financial planning

Has anyone's local newspaper printed the REAL DEAL from the AP ? What information is your state proving you with on this bailout ? I don't get it. Gun ownership in CT is one of the lowest (16%). What are they afraid of? More people buying guns if they knew what was really going on? Maybe. Still doesn't make sense to me.

Take Arizona for example -- they're in the mid-range and they get this piece written in the Phoenix Business Journal: Ariz. police say they are prepared as War College warns military must prep for unrest; IMF warns of economic riots.

What about Wyoming? 60% ownership. Maybe they don't read in Wyoming? Never mind. I know it has to do with population.

Still not getting it...

From GeorgeWashington'sBlog: Would they be planning to use troops against americans if they WEREN't stealing our money?

Political science professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Charles Boehmer points out that "The military was not called out during the Great Depression...."

So why is the military planning on how to crush civil protest in regards to the current economic crisis (see this, this, this, this, this and this)?

Is it because the theft - via "bailouts" and other hanky-panky by Treasury, the Fed and others - of hard-earned taxpayer wealth is so obvious that the military expects Americans to revolt?

The other potential explanation is that the military has been told that this financial crisis could be much, much worse than the Great Depression.

So which is it? The obviousness of the theft or the severity of the crisis?

My guess . . . both.

And what about our President Elect?
His position is just as confusing. But he's from Chi-town and what do you expect. (Chicago's Mob Boss Daley to hold "gun conference")

I really need to shut down my mental hamster wheel...

That's all folks!

just shoot me now

Where's Robin Hood when you need him...

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