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Friday, January 2

Cheap Gas, Road Trips

Astounded at the low price of gasoline, I am on a road trip for the long weekend. It's impossibly cold in New England but the gas is even cheaper here than in NY so I will be traveling even more while I'm in the great white north. Mark Morford over at writes about taking more trips... one last time because we know gas won't be this inexpensive forever and may not ever be this cheap again. These gas prices are indicative of bad things to come. So why not get in your car and go somewhere to at least take advantage of the situation. I'm only 4 hours from home and it's a complete change of scene. I'm visiting a blog friend this weekend and it couldn't be more fun. Seriously, it couldn't. It's always like meeting an old friend when I meet someone from the blogs. This is a good time for us to visit each other. Let's.

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