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Thursday, December 4

a REALLY REALLY fine remix that you will listen to over and over and over

GOOD MORNING BLUES - Count Basie & His Orchestra (The Real Tuesday Weld Clerkenwell Remix)

I'm really into remixes lately. I've given up hope on finding that next great band. Seems I've been waiting forever.

So much neat electronic stuff to play with today. I love to listen for all the different sounds. LOVE the beginning of this one - it captures that static skip sound so perfectly.

GOOD MORNING BLUES - Have a listen and another listen here (It's the Verve Remixed Series - No.4)

I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day this morning. Took a little pill last night and fell sound a sleep while this song was playing and replaying on the computer. Woke several times to catch those dreamy strings and steamy horns and couldn't raise my body to go and turn it off. It's such a perfect everything song.

#2 on my xmas CD

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