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Monday, December 8

Pollutants distort evolution and male gender

This story is a horrifying wakeup call. While Britain is leading the opposition to new European controls on pesticides, many which have "gender-bending" effects, a new scientific study shows that baby boys born to women who've been exposed to chemicals are born with smaller or feminized genitalia. In the wild, feminization of the male species is widespread and it has already begun to effect humans.

Professor Lou Gillette of Florida University, one of the most respected academics in the field, warned that the report waved "a large red flag" at humanity. He said: "If we are seeing problems in wildlife, we can be concerned that something similar is happening to a proportion of human males"

Indeed, new research at the University of Rochester in New York state shows that boys born to mothers with raised levels of phthalates were more likely to have smaller penises and undescended testicles. They also had a shorter distance between their anus and genitalia, a classic sign of feminisation. And a study at Rotterdam's Erasmus University showed that boys whose mothers had been exposed to PCBs grew up wanting to play with dolls and tea sets rather than with traditionally male toys.

Communities heavily polluted with gender-benders in Canada, Russia and Italy have given birth to twice as many girls than boys, which may offer a clue to the reason for a mysterious shift in sex ratios worldwide. Normally 106 boys are born for every 100 girls, but the ratio is slipping. It is calculated that 250,000 babies who would have been boys have been born as girls instead in the US and Japan alone.
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and 'Gender-bender' drugs put males on endangered list:

Fish, it says, are particularly affected by pollutants as they are immersed in them when they swim in contaminated water, taking them in not just in their food but through their gills and skin.

They were among the first to show widespread gender-bending effects.

Half the male fish in British lowland rivers have been found to be developing eggs in their testes; in some stretches the male roach has been found to be changing sex in this way. Female hormones largely from the contraceptive pills which pass unaltered through sewage treatment are partly responsible, while more than three-quarters of sewage works have been found to be discharging demasculinising man-made chemicals.
This had better be a wake up call.

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