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Wednesday, December 3

Oh that silly Catholic patriarchy

The Vatican opposed a UN resolution calling for governments worldwide to de-criminalize homosexuality. (I know, I know, you would think....)

According to this story, homosexuality is punishable by law in 85 countries and punishable by death in a number of them particularly in the mideast. The resolution is aimed at stopping jail time and death for homosexuals. Naturally, the Vatican and many other UN member states see this as the gateway for allowing gay marriage.
Archbishop Celestino Migliore said the Vatican opposed the resolution because it would "add new categories of those protected from discrimination" and could lead to reverse discrimination against traditional heterosexual marriage.

"If adopted, they would create new and implacable discriminations," Migliore said. "For example, states which do not recognise same-sex unions as 'matrimony' will be pilloried and made an object of pressure," Migliore said.

A strongly worded editorial in Italy's mainstream La Stampa newspaper said the Vatican's reasoning was "grotesque".
Ohfergawdsake. The reasoning is grotesque and not in keeping with the RCC's supposed concern for human rights. They are right up there with countries that impose the death penalty for homosexuality like Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen. Whose side are they on? I guess they didn't get the memo about what century this is.

UPDATE: Vatican Warning: Mobile phones are bad for your soul

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