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Sunday, December 7

Bush Slaps Women In The Face

Newsweek: Under a new midnight regulation crammed through by the Bush Department of Health and Human Services and poised to become law any day now, any health-care worker may refuse to perform procedures, offer advice or dispense prescriptions, if doing so would offend their "religious beliefs or moral convictions." Congress has protected the right of physicians to opt out of providing abortions for decades. This new rule, which President-elect Obama can overturn (although it may take months), is far broader. It allows one's access to birth control, emergency contraception and even artificial insemination to turn on the moral preferences of a pharmacist, nurse or ambulance driver.
This is horrifying. I can see why healthcare workers wouldn't want to be forced to assist in an abortion, but if they work at a drug store and can refuse to sell birth control pills to a woman because of their religious beliefs, what sort of slippery slope will this turn into?

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