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Wednesday, November 5

What really went on behind the scenes

Great article over at Newsweek about the special election project which was kept under wraps until today. Hackers and Spending Sprees.

Obama's computer system was hacked by a foreign entity.

Newsweek also reported that Sarah Palin's shopping spree was much more extensive than was previously reported. She spent tens of thousands on the First Dude's clothes as well. Turns out that McCain hardly ever spoke to Palin and his aides didn't tell him how much she was spending on her clothes for fear he would be greatly offended. The GOP should be getting the bills shortly and will find out exactly how much she bilked them for.

There were grave threats to the Obama's and that information was given to them by the Secret Service around September and October. It is suspected that Palin's nasty rhetoric at rallies had something to do with it. "Why would they try to make people hate us?" Michelle asked a top campaign aide.

The night before the last debate, the McCain campaign was already writing off any chance that he could win the election. The McCain campaign did not sign off on Palin's attack of Obama's so called association with Ayers. McCain didn't want Rev. Wright brought up either.
Sarah Palin met with McCain staffers wearing only a towel in her hotel room.

There's a lot more in the article Hackers and Spending Sprees.

I'm not sure that Gov. Palin understands the damage she did to the American people with her lies, half truths and vitriol. We are still a nation divided thanks to her and of course, John McCain. Today millions of Americans are afraid of Barack Obama and think that we elected a terrorist. The vitriol spewed by the McCain campaign will take some time to subside. It's very sad.

I don't know how lovely and gracious I can be when I meet McCain supporters who want to tell me that I elected a Muslim terrorist socialist commie Marxist un-american black person. I don't know if I can hold back from replying that they are fucking morons without a clue or an original thought. The real America is in the diverse communities across this land mass and I am sick of it being suggested otherwise. Stubborn narrowmindedness is not a virtue of Americans and it never was contrary to what those who live isolated lives in sheltered communities think.

While I was terrified of a Sarah Palin vice presidency, it wasn't because of anything that the Obama campaign said about her or even what the media said about her. It was simply because of what she said and did. She was her own worst enemy and John McCain's too. So much for his judgement. I was very happy to see her cry on television today. I'm sorry, but I was. Because of her, we came very close to having another 4 years of failed bush policies.

I also read today that McCain didn't allow Palin to speak at the concession speech last night. Hmmm.

UPDATE: While folks were celebrating in Chicago last night, police picked up a man during a routine traffic stop and found weapons in his car along with a laptop open to a page warning of possible riots in Chicago if Obama won the election. Gee, I wonder why people hate Obama?

UPDATE II: Via Americablog
Palin thought Africa was a country. She didn't know the countries in North America nor did she know what countries were involved with NAFTA. She threw temper tantrums and hissy fits when she read what the press had to say about her and pissed off McCain aides. She refused coaching for her Couric interview and then berated staffers afterwards for not coaching her. There's more.

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